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Convenience Catering

Sometimes there is no time to cook

Baxter's can help by providing excellent food ready to serve or oven ready

Breakfast / Snack Items

    Fruit & Nut Bread Tray          Bread Tray with Pastries           Breakfast  Pastries        Breakfast Tray with Fruit          Breakfast Tray
    Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche     Coffeecakei                                   Fruit                                                   Glazed Coffeecake                        Quiche Baxter                          
Spinach Mushroom Quiche   Breakfast Pastry Tray                     Coffeecake                                      Quiche Lorraine                      Quiche with Mini Bread
  Mini Fruit & Nut Bread               Chocolate Gingerbread &         Sausage Strata                       Baked Grapefruit                          Muffin Tray
Luncheon & Dinner Items
Easy to serve or heat and serve at your convenience
            Antipasto Platter                 Cheese Platter                                 Cheese Torte                                      Homemade Soup                  Mini  Chicken Croissants
            Lemon Chicken Salad         Pan Lasagna                           Pecan Tarragon Chicken Salad     Roast Turkey Tray           Shrimp Salad & Croissants
 Blackened  Chicken Salad          Three Salads                                   Beef Stew                                    Filet Chaucer                              Cor nbeef & Cabbage 
                                                                    Chicken, Cheese & Tuna                 
 Chicken Pot Pie                                  Sliced Ham Platter                     Chantilly Chicken                 BBQ Chicken Casserole            Beef Bourgiugnon
Perfect for when you are having out of town guests, or need to serve a group of people
 but don't have the time to prepare the food; or to send as gifts to others.
Most  items are ready to eat with no extra preperation or are "oven ready" just heat and eat!
If you don't see what you had in mind, please ask us
call 301-724-5414 or email
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        Vegetable Lasagna                         Pork   BBQ                       
  Caramelized Onion Quiche              French Toast Sticks           Spinach,Feta, Tomato              Sausage Biscuits                        Cheddar Bisuits
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  Continental Pastry Tray              Mini Bagels  & Spreads                 Crispy Bacon                          French Toast Casserole       Continental Breakfast
Vegetable Lasagna                              Fried Chicken